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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mama & Papa to be : The day reveal! boy/girl.

Momma cannot sleep baby A,
I'm going to write about u!

Andddd the day have come.
Now I'm 30weeks, while the scan already done during 27weeks.

everyone has stop guessing my baby gender kehkeh.
and do not underestimate momma six sense! kahkah.
I already have strong sense about my baby gender since 3 month earlier.
Me and my husband already going out for shopping and i confidently pick the gender norm colour. kahkah.

Awal pagi, bangun and siap after made an appointment 1 week before.

Klinik Ajwa is one of the comfortable clinic should be recommended since they have a cute studio scan room, I ambil full pakej which is 2Ddetailscan3D4DandHDlive.
HDlive ni u can have the video of baby moving.

This one is my scan room and waiting room:

yes, u can bring semua ahli family u! nice one.

And my little angel in tummy isssss :

The sonographer said 100% but as muslim must put 99% 
as Allah can change anything.

" serius? Alhamdulilah" *big smile*
I still can hear that word coming out from the lips of super papa to be.
Thank you papa for all the doa'.

yeayy, first cucu perempuan atok n nenek belah I,
and also first cucu perempuan in my family.
since akak I ada 3 boys which is 2 of them are twin.
so everyone semua excited nak belikan gown kembang. hamboi!

This is my current obsession, menatap semua gambar and video my baby sepanjang hari! 

My cute little bunga, mama n papa cannot wait for you dear! *cry*

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