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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Vendor Business
Hey hey, im too happy with my amount of money in bank, As full time UPM student I can earn profit, study and being a good housewife! I’m proud of my self.
 Earn around 400/week from my small business at college and planning to make it bigger by sending my product to vendor business before I’m open up my own vendor plan after graduation.
$_____$ kachinggg!

For now, my suami kacak and beauty me only have own car, which still owe with bank and rented house. Kalau ikut hati I don’t want to rental because its such of lose and burn of amount. But its okay, We have plan for us
He asked me to wait for the time for now as he wanna give the best living space than my dad bungalow. Alhamdulilah for the current living space.
And we on our way to sketch the dream house draft.

For transportation, I only have Viva under my name since 2011 in Diploma and already 3years old  which remain 4 years debt with bank sebabnya ayah ikat 7 tahun bukan 9 tahun so I don’t decide to have another car until the debt be settle down. I hate debt. Only 4 years to go and for now ayah still bayarkan bulanan even berkeras menolak sebab he said “ I have promise you before”  ya, ayah kata dia akan bayarkan sampai the end of degree life begitu jugak dengan pocket money from dad and husband, Penat menolak tapi ayah memang macam tu berpegang dengan janji.  While my suami kacak own ford fiesta which much younger than my baby black with my most favourite colour, Red! i' love it. And recently, sufyan belanja my baby black tayar baru! Yeayyy!
I told him we don’t need any car anymore bae. Tapi once we have expanded our family then, we will find family car.

More money in making together! Inspiring my dad! hehehe >.<

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